Soldiers’ MRI Fundraising Gets Big Boost

Press Release

The Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce a major gift from longtime hospital supporters and Orillia residents Bill Swinimer and Family.

The Swinimer Family is proud to be actively improving the health and wellbeing of our community with a contribution of $500,000 towards the hospital’s new MRI project.

Bill and Sue Swinimer pose with Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital’s Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography – Computed Tomography (SPECT CT) machine.

Over the years, Bill and Sue Swinimer have invested generously in Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital. They have both been avid volunteers, demonstrated by Bill’s long service on the Board of Directors and Sue’s commitment as an active member of Volunteer Services.

As dedicated community members and donors, the Swinimers hope to pass the spirit of philanthropy onto their children and grandchildren.

The magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI) is a crucial piece of equipment for both diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of ailments.

Soldiers’ current MRI machine was installed in 2007 and has completed over 100,000 scans. With changing technology and the machine surpassing its expected lifespan, the MRI was due for an upgrade. The foundation has been fundraising for a new MRI machine since late 2020.

The Swinimer Family celebrated their giving achievement in a private ceremony with family and close friends present. The Swinimers hope this celebration will inspire others in the community to give back to healthcare services.

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