OPP Commissioner On The Conviction Of Officer

Considerable outrage has been expressed online about the case of Leeds County OPP constable, particularly why he is still employed after 9 years of discreditable conduct. Commissioner Carrique provides an explanation and time line of events.

Press Release

Commissioner Thomas Carrique and the OPP are clarifying the matter of a suspended OPP member, convicted of sexual assault.

“I know this is troubling for not only members of the public, but for our own members who always seek to serve the people of Ontario with pride, professionalism and honour. The OPP has been seeking dismissal of this individual since his initial conviction. This behaviour is unacceptable for any police officer and cannot be tolerated.” said Carrique

Jason Redmond was charged in November 2015, and subsequently convicted in October 2018, for trafficking a controlled substance and using a forged document. Redmond has been suspended with pay since the charges were laid.

Under section 89 of the Ontario Police Services Act, officers charged with a criminal offence may only be suspended with pay. For an officer to be suspended without pay, the individual must be convicted and be sentenced to a term of incarceration.

In this case, Redmond was placed on probation for one year by the court.

Following the conviction, the OPP Professional Standards Unit laid charges under the Police Services Act (PSA). After a conviction on the PSA charges, the Adjudicator ordered that Redmond be dismissed from the OPP. The OPP also requested that any appeal would not automatically stay the conviction and penalty, but that request was denied by the Adjudicator. The dismissal ruling was immediately appealed by Redmond, meaning he would continue to collect his salary. The appeal is now the subject of a hearing June 15, 2023 before the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.

In August 2021, the OPP began an additional investigation related to allegations regarding numerous violent offences stemming from 2017. Redmond was arrested and charged on October 15, 2021.

The OPP, in an effort to protect the identity of the victim, determined that a media release would not be issued.

A Justice of the Peace granted the Crown’s request for a publication ban October 18, 2021 on these matters.

Redmond is still before the court facing 17 additional serious criminal charges including assault, aggravated assault, assault with a weapon and others in connection with multiple victims.

OPP officers daily exhibit and exercise integrity, honesty and courage. We encourage everyone to recognize this and to not judge all officers by the actions of this specific individual.


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