Learn How To Reduce Carbon Emissions The Easy Way

Despite what we often hear, CO2, or carbon dioxide, isn’t all bad!. We just have too much of it in the atmosphere and oceans. We have to do something to keep it from getting worse. The good news is that we can counteract climate change.

Although increasing levels of carbon emissions entering our atmosphere each and every day still represents a small percentage of our total atmosphere and those emissions are very efficient in trapping radiant energy (heat) on the earth’s surface and in our oceans. So much so, it is pushing average temperatures up all around the globe, triggering more and more extreme weather events and negatively impacting the balance of nature, which, in some regions, grows more fragile every day.   

Despite the enormity of this global crisis, there is hope. There are actions available we can take to help counter and offset this looming threat before it is too late. The first step is to learn about carbon and its role in the climate crisis. Better yet are the opportunities to learn, discuss and act, together with our friends and neighbours. Shared and unified commitment creates action and is the catalyst for progress in this important journey.

Sustainable Orillia’s overarching purpose is to mobilize our community towards a more sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come. 

How? We can reduce our carbon emissions and ensure a sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come.

We invite you to join us for a series of informative workshops on carbon entitled, A New Lens on Carbon: From Emissions to Offsets. You can learn more about the carbon cycle, the carbon market, and carbon footprints and the challenges and how we can reduce our carbon footprint.

These lively, one-hour workshops will bring interested Orillia and area residents together to learn as much as we can about the issues and what can be done. The workshops are free of charge and each will focus on a different aspect of the world of carbon. 

The sessions will be held in the special purpose room at 4 p.m. at the Orillia Recreation Centre on Wednesday, April 5, Wednesday, April 12 and Wednesday, April 19.

There’s lots of parking and there will be signs at the entrance with directions to the seminar room. Refreshments will also be available. You are encouraged to register early for one, two, or for all three sessions because room size will limit space.

Experienced facilitators, Jackie Ramler and Stan Mathewson, will lead each of the sessions.

Jackie is with Raymond James Ltd. (Barrie) as a lead portfolio manager in the fast-growing green economy and an experienced professional in the world of sustainable investing. Jackie is a generous and active supporter of Sustainable Orillia’s programs. She brings professional first-hand experience with the financial levers for climate change, including mitigation measures such as carbon pricing, offsets and investments. Stan is a life-long environmentalist and brings over four decades of front-line managing and consulting in the environment sector to this series. He is the founding President of Sustainable Orillia and an active leader in the community.

Carbon is a big subject. The discussion is therefore organized into three parts, including recaps in each session to tie the presentations and world of carbon together. The sessions are:

Part 1 – Why carbon has become a problem, where it comes from and what we can to about it.

Part 2 – Carbon is also a commodity; understanding the carbon market and how to deploy financial tools to mitigate carbon emissions.

Part 3 – Our individual carbon footprints, how to calculate, monitor and reduce our own carbon footprints and how they all add up toward progress.

Sustainable Orillia’s overarching purpose is to mobilize our community towards a more sustainable future for ourselves and generations to come. 

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