SUNonline/Orillia Advertising Policy

You are going to see ads on your computer, tablet and phone. They will be clickable and take you to the advertiser’s website. Ad blockers won’t eliminate them.  We are doing this for one simple reason; they aren’t ads.

We adopted a model of sponsorship rather than advertising. Its analogous to the PBS model, people, companies, services are hooking their name to SUNoniline/Orillia as matter of recognizing independent journalism is vital to the health of the communities we serve. They are saying we believe in a great community, the community we do business in, and we think SUNonline is an important part of achieving a prosperous and healthy community; therefore we are proud to sponsor the work SUNonline/Orillia does.

We hope we’ve positioned the ads in a way that doesn’t detract from the stories you read, the videos you watch, or the podcasts you listen to. We think most of you won’t mind them. We also know that some people will still find them irritating. You can’t please everyone. If you do find them irritating, please remember you are here for the content and the content would be impossible to put before you without being able to pay the bills at our end.

When you have to spend money on something, please remember the sponsors and patronize them.