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Providing you with valuable information has always been a motivating factor in what we do. It always seemed unfair to us we knew things, or more about some things, than the reading, viewing, or listening public did. We believe an informed public is a smart public, better able to make choices about their daily lives.

As visitors to SUNonline/Orillia’s Facebook page since December 2017, you know you get information you either saw here first, or learned more about even if you saw or heard about it elsewhere. That’s what we do, the things no one else does, dig for the info, draw on our experience and put that into engaging stories and thoughtful editorial/analysis articles.

In time, you will see more videos, podcasts and photojournalism. We’ll cover the townships and Rama. We’ll have more contributors who really know their field’s of expertise. It will be a rare occasion you’ll find us so boring you don’t finish a story.

There’s not a lot of content here as of the moment, but we’ll be adding the archives so you can search for older stories. We welcome your comments, just click the comment, or rants & raves link to go to the comment section unique to each story on Facebook.

Thank you for your support of SUNonline/Orillia and for independent journalism. It means a lot to us that we mean a lot to you.