Soldiers’ Opens Up Visiting Ability

Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital is modifying, “its COVID-19 visiting policy to accommodate a limited number of essential visitors in most areas of the hospital”

There are two factors involved – what are essential visitors and who gets to determine who essential visitors are on a case by case basis.

The definition includes: family members, friends, care givers, private paid care givers or others who have been expressly identified by the patient, or where not possible, their power of attorney, substitute decision maker, next of kin, or another contact over the age of 16 years.

The primary person making the determination who from the list qualifies in their case is the patient, followed by those with power of attorney or substitute decision maker status, or other next of kin.

Out patients will also have the same ability to bring someone with them on hospital appointment visits and are advised to contact the person an appointment was made with to get approval.

All visitors are required to be screened and follow entry and physical distancing rules, stay in designated  areas and can have permission to visit revoked if rules are not followed.

More information about qualifications and procedure are here.


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