Fundraising Differently

By John Swartz

Two Orillia women, Amber McGarvey-Moreland and Raquel Ness, have started a group dedicated to raising funds for local charities.

The pair borrowed an idea called Ripple of Kindness from a pair of Barrie women who amassed a network of about 250 women for the sole reason of getting together twice a year to decide which nominated charities will benefit from a $400 commitment each member makes to join Ripple of Kindness. Of course there is a social aspect, food and schmoozing, involved .

The Orillia group will meet 4 times a year (2 times to chose a charity, 2 times for cheque presentations) and McGarvey-Moreland has community involvement in her genes. She is the granddaughter of Pete McGarvey, rescuer of the Leacock home, co-founder of the Mariposa Folk Festival and a personality who lent himself to numerous other community efforts.

I’m “following in my grandfather’s legacy of making Orillia a better place to live,” said McGarvey-Moreland, they “are big shoes to fill.”

She believes the women who join Ripple and invest their money will also be spreading goodwill toward others.

“We can each make Orillia more kind,” she said.

How It Works

Members are expected to donate $200 twice a year and get a tax receipt from the chosen charity. Women are accepted only from Orillia and the surrounding townships in light of the club in Barrie. McGarvey-Moreland hopes 50 women will join, resulting in $10,000 being available to pass on to charities.

A nominee list is posted online and membership has 10 days before the social event to vote for their favourite. The charity with the most votes gets the entire amount raised. Losing charities stay on the list for the next round.

The first meeting is scheduled for Feb. 27 at the Orillia Museum of Art and History beginning at 6:00 p.m. You can contact Ripple of Kindness at or visit them on Facebook or their website

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