Prepare Now, Recycling Rules Changing

Press Release

The City of Orillia is preparing changes to blue box recycling programs and collection models for Ontario municipalities, residents are encouraged to begin focusing on precise sorting now to smoothly adapt to requirements later and avoid issues like uncollected recycling.

Between July 2023 and December 2025, all Ontario municipalities, including the City of Orillia, are switching to a new recycling system. This change is part of a province-wide initiative where companies that create packaging and other recyclable materials will take charge of the recycling process.

What This Means for You Right Now:
  • No Collection Changes Yet: The City of Orillia’s transition kicks off on Jan. 1, 2024. Curbside recycling schedules for residents remain the same, and you can still recycle the same materials as before.
  • Focus on Sorting: The way recycling is handled after collection is what’s changing. There will be increased enforcement of proper sorting. This makes separating recyclables correctly more crucial than ever.
Resources for Easier Sorting:
  • Sort like a pro with the City’s new What Goes Where online tool to identify how an item should be handled.
  • Keep an eye out for the 2024 Solid Waste Collection Guide and Calendar arriving in residential mailboxes this month.
What Businesses Need to Know:
  • The new program applies to residential sources only, including single-family households, multi-residential buildings, long-term care facilities, and retirement homes.
  • Businesses will continue to have recycling collection, but there will be a separate route(s) for commercial, industrial, and institutional recycling in the future. More details on this will be sent directly to businesses in January 2024.

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