OPP Survey Results Released

By John Swartz

The 2023 OPP Community Satisfaction Survey provincial survey of selected participants has now begun.

With the last survey, taken between January 12 and March 16, 2022, citizens from across the province were asked to participate in a Community Satisfaction Survey to measure public opinion about the services provided by the OPP to Ontario communities.

The provincial report is now available. The survey methodology used by the research consultants for data collection is defined. It includes questions on topics such as public perceptions of OPP policing, handling of crime, marine and ATV patrols, highway safety, traffic enforcement and response to major occurrences. 

Overall the 2022 survey revealed that 77.8% of respondents felt safe or very safe in their communities and 95.5% felt satisfied or very satisfied with the overall quality of services provided by the OPP.

Because of significant changes made to the questionnaire and sampling methods since the last provincial survey in 2018 it is not possible to make meaningful comparisons with the 2022 survey. 

The information collected through the survey is useful in helping the OPP set its goals and objectives to improve our services delivered to communities throughout Ontario.

Visit online to view the results for 2022. The survey is available by invitation only and not to the general public.

(Photo by Swartz – SUNonline/Orillia)


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