New Medic Alert Program

The Orillia OPP is partnering with the Medic Alert Foundation to implement a program to help responding officers deal with people who have mental health conditions.

Medic Alert Connect Project will help to identify people who have autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive brain injuries to officers and will provide information about past wandering history, triggers, de-escalation techniques and other medical information. This service may also help to quickly locate lost or missing vulnerable individuals.

Officers called to an emergency involving a Medic Alert subscriber will have access through dispatchers to vital information which could save a life. Orillia OPP and Medic Alert will be introducing this partnership June 18th at the Orillia Opera House from 10 3 p.m. The public can register for the Medic Alert Connect Project and normally there is an annual fee of $60, plus the $39 cost of a Medic Alert ID. A discount will be offered on the 18th.

(Photo Submitted – Medic Alert)


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