Don McIsaac Wins

By John Swartz

Don McIsaac won Mondays’ municipal election and will become Orillia’s next mayor. He did so with an unofficial vote count of 4,861 – 1,516 votes more than opponent Mason Ainsworth. John Maxwell received 280 votes.

 “I am gratified by the support. I loved that we built an excellent team. We did all the things we were supposed to. We took the high ground in every spot and it paid off,” McIsaac said amid supporters gathered at Couchiching Golf and Country Club.

As noted below, the spreads between candidates were close in several wards. Janet-Lynne Durnford won her Ward 4 seat by just 19 votes. Each ward returned one incumbent and elected a newcomer to council. There were 3,842 advance votes this year, 589 more than in 2018. The trend going back to the 1988 election is for higher advance poll turnouts as each election happens. The total voter turnout was 32.39%, or 8,570 of 26,460 eligible voters.

SUNonline/Orillia will have more election coverage in a follow up story. In the mean time, here are the results for each council l position and for school board elections.


Don McIsaac                                  4,861

Mason Ainsworth                          3,345

John Edward Maxwell                    280

Ward 1

David Campbell                             1,202

Whitney Smith                                  951

Robert Kloostra                                475

Paul Cain                                             416

Rick Sinotte                                        364

Mathew Lund                                    244

Ward 2

Ralph Cipolla                                  740

Luke Leatherdale                          708

Gilles Depratto                               636

Alan Bayne                                      484

Ian Gordon                                     371

Robert Winacott                            358

Dael Morris  240

Brian Hare                                       152

Harold Dougall                               135

Ward 3

Jay Fallis                                          1,310

Jeff Czetwerzuk                                830

Elizabeth Van Houtte                      763

Deval Brahmbatt                              560

Zak Gariba                                         453

Nick Wray                                             77

Ward 4

Tim Lauer                                         1,326

Janet–Lynne Durnford                  919

Paula Hill –Coulson                           900

Joe Winacott                                     452

Pat Reid                                               398

Kyle Peacock                                     242

Simcoe County District School Board

Jodi M. Lloyd                                  3,593

Meghan Dunlop                             3,081

Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School Board

Jill Colin                                           Acclaimed

French Language District School Board

Eric Lapointe          `                                   18

Saveria Caruso                                           10

French Language Separate School Board

Claire Thibideau                             Acclaimed

(Photos by Swartz – SUNonline/Orillia) Main: Don McIsaac and wife, Cindi, surrounded by family celebrating his election win to become Orillia’s next mayor.


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