Sustainable Orillia Hosts Documentary Viewing

By John Swartz

Sustainable Orillia is showing the documentary Kiss The Ground Wednesday September 29 at St. Paul’s Centre. The 6 p.m. showing will be followed by a panel discussion.

Allison Andrews is the host of the free event. The doc starts with examples of farmland that has been abused by pesticide use. Tilling also causes damage like soil erosion. The documentary makers, Joshua and Rebecca Harrell Tickell, include scientific and agricultural voices from around the world discussing a new farming technique called regenerative farming, showing side by side comparisons of depleted fields next to restored fields.

The claim is regenerative farming can reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and reduce the use of water. Aside from agricultural experts, they include the voices of Gisele Bündchen (U.N. Goodwill Ambassador), Jason Mraz (an agroforestry farmer), Patricia and David Arquette (founders of Tom Brady, Rosario Dawson and John Wick (not that John Wick, this one is the co-founder of the Marin Carbon Project). Woody Harrelson narrates.

The messages and practical ideas can be applied by gardeners, farmers and ranchers. The panelists for the post-viewing discussion will be talk about their real, local experiences with regenerative farming practices. They are; Jacob Kearey-Moreland (Bass Lake Farms), Emily Wilson (Orillia’s Community Gardens), Greg Kamphuis (Camphouse Farms), Chad and Dorothy (Integrated Farms) and Andy & MacKenzie Hillard (Ants Marching Farm).

Even though the event is free you must get a ticket online.

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