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By John Swartz

This Saturday galleries in the Arts District are joining together to make an event of the afternoon. The Orillia Arts District Art Hop happens from 1 to 3 p.m.

Hibernation Arts has just changed up paintings by Orillia Fine Arts Association members, and Jon Olerichs has a new set to see on his portion of the wall, as does Julie Grimaldi.

John Oelrich's Work At Hibernation Arts
John Oelrich’s Work At Hibernation Arts

Peter Street Fine Arts has new work by Kristine Drummond featured. Brian Tosh also has a whole bunch of 6×6 boards ready to go for this year’s Christmas show of small pieces at small prices. They are ready to be picked up by artists, $15 gets two boards and a place to display your finished art.

Kristine Drummond's Work at Peter Street Fine Arts
Kristine Drummond’s Work at Peter Street Fine Arts

I’m sorry, I know it was all snowy on Monday, but I just used the word Christmas in November. Early November.  What is the world coming to?

Lee Contemporary Art has a new show opening Saturday and the artist Daisy Tsai has a new collection called Doubled. This is the third time she’s had a show at Lee Contemporary and she’ll be on hand for the reception.

Across the road at OMAH, there are two exhibits to see. On the main floor is the 19th annual Carmichael Canadian Landscape Exhibition. This year’s theme is Tradition Transformed.  It was up in October and even though there was no grand opening night, the prizes were still awarded as with any other year.

The Juror’s Prize went to Janet Read.

Juror's Prize Award Winner Janet Read's Art
Juror’s Prize Award Winner Janet Read’s Art

The Quarrington Mutlidisciplinary Arts Award, named for Paul Quarrington, goes to Laurie O’Reilly. To be eligible an artist’s work must use at least two mediums in one piece of artwork.

Quarrington Award Winner Laurie O'Reilly's Art.
Quarrington Award Winner Laurie O’Reilly’s Art.

The Kevin J. Batchelor Emerging Artist Award was given to Bethany LeBlonc of Peterborough. Kevin was a music teacher at Harriet Todd Public School and played in a number of bands. The award was created by Kevin’s family.

Batchelor Emerging Artist Award Winner Bethany LeBlonc's Art
Batchelor Emerging Artist Award Winner Bethany LeBlonc’s Art

Upstairs it’s the return of She Shoots… She Scores. This historical exhibit has artifacts and photos of 100 years of women’s hockey in Canada.

Cassie Campbell
Cassie Campbell, Captain (longest serving), Canadian National Women’s Team.
Women's Hockey In Simcoe County At OMAH
Women’s Hockey Through The Years In Simcoe County At OMAH

Also in the mix at OMAH, they are looking for a few good committee members. Well, two actually, for the Art In Public Places Committee. This committee OMAH manages for the City of Orillia to see the policy governing art owned by the City is followed. They also do the heavy lifting managing acquisition of new art like the butterfly garden art which was just awarded for Tudhope Park.

Go here for information on qualifications and how to apply – and the deadline to apply is Friday.

OMAH also has many videos to pass the time away, including one about Franklin Carmichael, you can watch here. And finally, the QuarARTine auction is still chugging along with new pieces, which you can view and bid on here.

While the museum is open, you need to make an appointment to see stuff, just so they can keep a manageable limit on things. You know how it is. Call 705-326-2159 for that.

More Art Stuff
The Spark by Carley McCutcheon

Carley McCutcheon has a show opening November 6 at the Bracebridge Hall, and Vern Bignell has his art hanging at Bakes By The Lake.

Creative Nomad is where the annual Streets Alive Merry Streets Alive ornament project is going to kick off with a painting party. Every day next week, except Wednesday artists can do their thing. There will be brushes and supplies on hand, or you can bring your won. You have to register, just so they can keep a manageable limit on things. You know how it is.

Craig Mainprize At Creative Nomad

Also at Creative Nomad, Craig Mainprize has some great new work hanging on the ground floor. There is a reception happening November 12 with two times, 6 and 7:30 p.m., and an artist talk November 21. There’s a 25 person limit on I-guess-you-could-call-it-crowd-size so go here to register. While you are on that page you’ll notice some other events happening, notably Craig has a landscape workshop November 27.

The Leacock Medal Can be Made Of Metal Again

Recently the Leacock Associates announced funding for the Leacock Medal for Humour by the Dunkley Foundation for the medal and student awards over the next 5 years, but what about after that?

Jim Dykes and Chris Hazel set up an endowment fund which is hoped to become large enough the prize money can be funded each year from the interest earned (I hope they don’t store it in a savings account because none of the 5 banks are paying enough interest to cover the fees).

The Glasswaters Foundation based in Campbell River, B.C. is going to kick in $20,000 annually to the endowment fund over the next 5 years.

This is a quick turnaround for the Associates. When TD Bank dropped funding for the prize the continuation of the medal was very much in doubt. It’s almost like they had a Whirlwind Campaign to solve the dilemma. Congratulations to the Associates and thanks to Glasswaters and the Dunkleys for jump starting the road to recovery.

ODAC And Lakehead Students

Students of Doug West’s Lakehead University political science class are undertaking a couple projects to help the Orillia District Arts Council.

With one project students have put together three programs, two are about engagement, and one is a fundraiser. First up are a couple of online craft demos. They are suitable for kids to participate in and all the necessary things to make the poppy themed art you can get at a dollar store (you’ll get a list of what’s needed by email once you have registered). The demos happen Friday and Saturday.

Next up is a music video contest.  There’s a prize of a $100 Best Buy gift card to the musician who makes the most popular music video. There is a $5 entry fee and you can see contest details, register and learn how to submit your video here.

Last is an art auction. The students hope artists will submit a piece of art to be auctioned November 14. Proceeds will be split 50/50 with the artist and ODAC. Find our details and register here.

There is another project students will be working with ODAC on relating to ongoing programs. More on that later. In the mean time you can participate, help ODAC and help some students get an A, or an Eh.

The Shorts

Even Steven is two guys, Steve McEown and Steve Eyres, so what’s with a third Steven in the picture? It’s true. Check out a new video they put out this week. The third wheel is even a drummer. They finally got a drummer. You’ll recognize him. This year is doing some strange turns.

*  Jake Horowitz’s new movie, Cup Of Cheer, which was shot here in Orillia, premieres at the Sunset Drive-In Friday at 7:30 p.m. You can also see it Saturday and Sunday. You can get tickets online.

*  The 2nd volume of Mariposa Exposed is out. There are 96 short stories, some by people you would expect to write and some from people with a good story to tell. I’ve enjoyed reading it. You can get a copy at Manticore Books.

 *  The next installment of the Mariposa Virtual Stage with Joni Mitchell is online here. The next one is Nov. 18 with Buffy Ste. Marie and Celeigh Cardinal.

*  Mariposa Arts Theatre is doing Norm Foster’s The Christmas Tree at the Opera House. Some of the members of the Orillia Silver Band are part of the production too. Get tickets here. There’s a two week run with matinees on Thursdays and Sundays.

*  There is a youth center fundraiser happening to establish a scholarship fund in memory of Jake Beers the Beers family calls hxmesweethxme. Check out their Facebook page for opportunities to contribute.

*  The Orillia branch of Dress For Success has a progressive, online, raffle called Toonie Tuesday. Tickets are $2 and you can buy as many as you like. Check their Facebook page frequently for updates on the jackpot and weekly winners.

(Photos by Swartz – SUNonline/Orillia; Images Supplied)

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