Take The Day Off

By John Swartz

 Monday is a holiday. Family Day has only been with us since 2008 and for some it still takes a bit of getting used to, not auto-piloting the way into work on a cold February morning when you don’t have to.

So what are you going to do with yourself? You won’t be paying your parking tickets or property taxes because City Hall is closed. That’s a nice perk, until you realize all municipal services are closed, like the Orillia Public Library (it’s also closed today, Sunday) , so you  won’t be filling your head with knowledge while you have the free time.

Besides, how are you going to get there? Orillia Transit and the OWLS service aren’t running. Fortunately the water is running, both ways, thanks to automation, though staff won’t be there to answer your calls. Of course, garbage and recycling isn’t being picked up Monday, which means it will be Tuesday. Here’s a fun game, drive through the neighbourhoods each day this week and spot the folks who forgot garbage pickups are delayed one day – all week long.

If you are the type of parent who almost stops when dropping the kids off at school every day and on Monday you get to the office and can’t remember if you slowed down at all, that’s because the memory triggers weren’t there – the kids. They really are smarter than you, they know every school holiday and then some. Schools are closed for the day, and don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s their week-long winter break Tuesday morning.

Oh well, you could always do some shopping. Think again. Orillia Square Mall and Costco will be closed.  This also means the minor maintenance on the car you’ve been looking for the time to do will have to wait too because Canadian Tire is closed. It’s too cold anyway. Over at Walmart, the top brass is in President’s Day mode (that’s every day for the Waltons), which apparently means big business for Canadian stores too, they are open.

Speaking of the rug rats, by noon, after you’ve come home with your briefcase between your legs, you will notice the darlings don’t have school by the ambient noise level. The low seniority level City of Orillia employees do have to go to work, so they can open the Waterfront Centre at the Port of Orillia for a Crafternooon from 1 to 3 p.m. The missive says the staff can’t wait to see you there for a fun filled day of glue, glitter and paint. Sure they’ll laugh at the antics of your little ones, but they don’t have to clean it off or get it out the hair once the fun stops.

It might be better to put padding on the kids and take them to Brian Orser Arena for free skating from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. (think of how much coffee you can now buy so you can watch and commiserate with other parents while the kids entertain you with their skating skills). Of course because staff has to work, they are making you do so too – actually having to think about the time; it’s a wonder they didn’t make it from 11:49 to 1:19.

This isn’t looking so good is it? It’s enough to drive one to drink, unless you have any recollection of draining the last drop Saturday night (or will soon find out you did) – beer and liquor stores are closed.

The bright spot in all this, provincial government offices are closed, so no further damage can be inflicted on your psyche for at least one day. Federal employees don’t get the day off, so bills will still be delivered by Canada Post.

(Photo by Pixabay)

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