Sustainable Orillia Student Art Contest Deadline Soon

By Fred Larsen – Special to SUNonline/Orillia

The deadline for Sustainable Orillia’s 2024 Student Art Contest for Orillia area school students is soon. Submissions to the contest are to be picked up from local elementary and secondary schools on Friday, May 31.

The contest’s theme is Ontario Species Need Your Help. The contest asks students to take a look at Ontario’s Species at Risk list—a list containing over 180 species. They are asked to pick one or more and draw, paint or use mixed media to display the species. In addition, they are to submit a short note (50-100 words) explaining their choice(s) and concern.

These species are vulnerable to reductions in numbers, while some are already on the verge of extinction. The main culprit is habitat destruction by pollution and contamination of land and water.

It is of note one of the main objections to the Ford government’s plans to build Highway 413 is the effect on a number of species on the provincial at risk list. The Federal government however, has given the go-ahead to the highway’s construction, subject to Ontario seeking other federal approvals for harm to federally-protected wildlife.

Environmental Defence opposes the project noting, “The construction would pave over 400 acres of the Greenbelt and over 2,000 acres of Class 1 and 2 farmland – Ontario’s most productive farmland … Highway 413 would cross over 85 rivers and streams, require a massive bridge over the Humber River and would pollute and destroy fish habitat … [causing]  harm to a range of at-risk and endangered species by destroying their rare habitats.”

Many Ontarians are not aware of the threats that endanger the very existence of species that live alongside us in Ontario. The Sustainable Orillia contest asks students and their teachers to focus on this issue in order to become more aware of how precarious the existence of some species is in this province.

Deliver the artwork in each school’s office prior to noon of May 31 to ensure pickup by Sustainable Orillia.

Twelve to fifteen pieces will be chosen for Sustainable Orillia’s 2025 student art calendar. An award ceremony will take place early in June to announce winners of the contest.

The organizers would like to once again thank the three sponsors of the Student Art Contest for their support: Manticore Books, Jack & Maddy – A Kids’ Store, and Scott’s Garden Centre. Their support for children’s education and for Sustainable Orillia’s work in our community is very much appreciated.

(Images Supplied) Main: Dani Magder’s Sustainable Orillia Art Contest Entry


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