World-Wide Climate Strike Rally Includes Orillia

Press release

Friday, September 15, while world leaders are discussing climate action at the United Nations in New York City, people on every continent will rally in their communities, on their streets, and online to demand urgent and ambitious climate action, as well as a fast, fair and equitable end to the fossil-fuel era. On that same day rally events will take place across Canada, including in Orillia. Sustainable Orillia and Green Orillia are joining forces to promote this event.

This mobilization renews and reinforces global efforts to end the era of fossil fuels. The scale of this mobilization and the urgency of the moment, are underscored by the devastating effects of this summer’s record-breaking heat – wildfires unprecedented in their scope and number across Canada and in Europe – deadly floods, tornadoes, and other extreme-weather events.

Students at Climate Strike rally.
Students at the 2019 Climate Strike rally.

In 2019, about 400 people rallied in front of Orillia City Centre calling for early action to address the climate emergency. It was the largest such rally in Orillia’s recent history. Former mayor Steve Clark encouraged the crowd to, “keep your foot on the pedal” and maintain pressure on all levels of government and general public to accelerate the needed reductions of carbon emissions. Since 2019 the climate crisis has escalated and, in response, so has the global movement for climate justice.

Students and citizens in the Orillia area can add their voices by joining the rally by assembling at the Orillia Public Library courtyard on September 15 at 4 p.m. followed by a march to City Hall.

On Saturday, September 9, a pre-rally, sign making event will take place in the Library courtyard from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. during the farmer’s market. All are welcome to drop by to make a sign for the rally the following Friday.

Join the Orillia Climate Strike Facebook group to stay on top of new information related to the rally.

(Photos Supplied) Main: Part of the 2019 Climate Strike rally participants (Photo by Tyler Knight)

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