Path to Net Zero Conference On Sunday

By Fred Larsen – Special to SUNonline/Orillia

Sustainable Orillia has two events this weekend. One is Saturday’s Urban Walk with planner David Stinson who will paint out examples of good and not so good urban planning right here in Orillia. The walks will start at 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m. It starts at the Port of Orillia and examines. In order to know how many to expect, please register online.

St. Paul’s Centre is the venue for Sundays Sustainable Orillia’s Path to Net Zero Conference to hear about, and propose, citizen-led actions to address topics and support Orillia’s climate change action plan.  All are welcome and there is no charge for the event.

Do you have ideas or questions about how we will make more sustainable decisions about:

– the goods and services we consume?

– improving energy efficiency and conservation in our buildings?

– our consumption of fossil fuels?

– electrifying transportation?

– expanding local renewable energy?

– improving local food supply?

– ensuring smart urban planning and avoiding unnecessary boundary expansion?

It has been said the best antidote to our sense of helplessness around climate change is action. Sunday’s conference could generate practical, achievable solutions that will contribute to our quality of life immediately and seven generations into the future.

Sustainable Orillia Documentary Feature
Sustainable Orillia Documentary Feature

Also at the conference:

  • learn about Orillia’s Climate Change Action Plan
  • see the ground-breaking film, 2040 – about  one man’s journey to discover what the future could look like if we simply embraced the best ideas that exist today
  • meet some area election candidates at the 5 p.m. reception (Bring your own mug or purchase one on-site for $5 and help support Sustainable Orillia)

Register for the conference online .

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