Survey Says

By John Swartz

The City of Orillia has a survey to find out what people think of how they operate from a ‘customer’ perspective. To put the exercise in perspective, none of us are customers. That said, they do ask some important questions, the answers to which you can provide.

They estimate it will take 15 minutes, that’s if all you do is tick boxes and don’t write comments. Budget half an hour if you intend to make a point of two in the places provided.

Also, be careful. While most surveys you’ve probably done put agreement to statements to the right and disagreement to the left. This survey has those considerations flipped.

For those who want to provide input, but need help, or don’t want to do so online, you can get hard copies at City Hall, the library, the rec center, and several other places. Here’s a complete list of locations to get a hard copy.

Anyone who does the survey is eligible to enter a draw to win either a one-month Fun Pass to the Orillia Recreation Centre, or two tickets to the Dec. 9 Fitzgeralds’ Christmas Concert at the Orillia Opera House.

(Photos by Swartz – SUNonline/Orillia; Image Supplied)


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