Sustainable Orillia Art Contest Winners

Press Release

Sustainable Orillia is pleased to announce the winners of the Community / Adult Division of our 2022 art contest. The contest theme, What Will Orillia Look Like In 2050? asked artists to imagine what the city will look in 2050 if the City of Orillia and its citizens do the right things in the years to come to make our community sustainable.

For the Community division, Sustainable Orillia is pleased to announce that Dani Magder, MJ Pollak, and Carol Deimling will equally share the prize money rather than award a first, second and third place.

Here is a photo gallery of the parade.

While all submissions to the contest presented interesting views, the jury judged the entries on four criteria.

First, did the entry identify the City of Orillia in some way? Second, did the entry include details suggesting a future almost thirty years from now? Third, did the entry present sustainable features, practices or technologies to reduce GhG emissions and protect the environment–or the results of such? And finally, did the entry reflect artistry and creativity?

The three winners of this division of our contest all captured some aspects of these requirements.

Sustainable Orillia plans to feature many of the submissions, from these three winners along with those from the other two divisions, as part of their 2023 Calendar. The calendar will be available for sale to the public during September, Orillia’s 4th annual Sustainable Orillia Month. Our thanks to all of the artists who answered our call to imagine what a sustainable Orillia will look like in 2050 and beyond. We hope to have another contest in 2023 with another theme.

Carol Deimling’s Entry
MJ Pollak’s Entry

(Images Supplied) Main: Dani Magder’s Sustainable Orillia Art Contest Entry


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