Your Story Can Paint A Better Picture

By Amanda Tevelde – Special to SUNonline/Orillia

Did you know there are many ways you can assist a charity? The first, of course, is to donate; another is to share your experience. While this may seem unconventional, it helps more than you know. This is especially true when you are talking about charities that provide a service like Hospice Orillia.

Since 1989 the dedicated team of Hospice Orillia volunteers and staff serve clients and their loved ones of all ages and backgrounds with compassion and respect, while honouring their choices and supporting them through their life journey.

In an organization like Hospice Orillia, privacy is of the utmost importance.  They work with vulnerable populations on a daily basis by providing respite during ones life limiting illness, walking through grief journeys and supporting individuals who have lost their loved one in a similar situation.

The names and stories of those who come to Hospice for support are kept in confidence, which can make it difficult for us to show our donors how their support has made a difference. There is a way the community can help. By sharing your stories with us.

The community is invited to send any stories they may have in relation to an experience they had through Hospice Orillia; whether it was grief support they personally received, a loved one who received end of life care or if they had a volunteer who touched their lives. 

Imagine you go to see the Mona Lisa, however you must experience it through the description of someone who has never experienced the painting first hand. Then imagine you were able to sit with Leonardo da Vinci himself and have him explain the painting including what the painting meant to him. This is the difference your story can make to us at Hospice Orillia. Your stories can ultimately help show our donors first hand the difference they have made and help to raise additional funds.

You can help Hospice Orillia paint a bigger picture by sending your stories and photos to or call 705-325-0505 ext. 107.

Hospice Orillia services are offered to anyone living with a life-limiting illness and/or their friends, family members, and caregivers at the clients home, wherever home is, or at their office location in a private space. Visit Hospice Orillia online for more information about the supports available.

(Photo by Antonio Molinari/Unsplash)


Amanda Tevelde is the communications and fundraising coordinator for Hospice Orillia.

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