Sustainable Orillia: Green Investing Webinar On Earth Day

Our community affected by the small choices each of us makes daily. From the detergent you buy to the stock you invest in, your choices can influence the larger world.

Consider investing. Conventional investing focuses on company risk and returns. Sustainable investing (ESG), a growing trend in the financial industry, is one action individuals can take to tackle climate change. It is an approach that considers the environmental, social, and governance aspects of companies one might invest in. Sustainable investing employs conventional investment strategies along with screening for companies working to create solutions to a number of environmental and social problems.

One reason to consider sustainable investing is managing risk. Companies that ignore their social and environmental responsibilities may face regulatory, reputational and governance risks, which can negatively impact share value. A second reason is alignment with your values and ethical concerns. And a third may be long-term prospects. Companies with a negative reputation and poor business practices may not be sustainable in the future. Today’s investors have power to decide which ESG criteria to focus on in their portfolios, from eliminating fossil fuels to focusing on working conditions, or even gender diversity.

In building a portfolio investors can either seek out, or exclude, certain sectors, companies or projects based on their positive or negative impact on society.

The crucial step is deciding to take action. Any investment portfolio, no matter the size, can have a positive impact on our future. Sustainable Orillia is encouraging community members to consider their investments by joining Sustainable Orillias’ Jackie Ramler to watch Our Planet: Too Big to Fail on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22nd at 7:00 p.m. A discussion among panelists and participants follows the documentary. Register today to save your spot.

(Photo Supplied) Main: Jackie Ramler, a Portfolio Manager and Branch Manager at Raymond James Executive Wealth Advisors in Barrie and an advocate of “sustainable investing,” will host the webinar.


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