Code Red: What Does It Mean?

Simcoe County begins a new level of restrictions and recommendations Monday. At midnight Code Red rules take effect.

Most people have become used to the usual advice to wear masks, keep 2 meter distances and leaving contact info at businesses they visit, this hasn’t changed.

The big change is movie theaters are ordered closed and only drive-ins can stay open. Other theaters, like the Orillia Opera House, can not have audiences, but rehearsing and broadcasting of performances are allowed.

Some other limits are changing.

Restaurant capacity is being lowered from 50 to 10 people, 4 people per table remains the same. Buffets (many of which have not been operating anyway) are now closed, you can’t dance or sing and no live music is being allowed. Restaurants have to close at 10 p.m. and alcohol can’t be sold after 9 p.m.

For sports and recreation activity, indoor capacity limits are changing from 30 to 10 people, class size limits remain the same at 10. Outdoor activities are reduced from 100 to 25 people. Team sport games are cancelled but they can continue to train with no physical contact and leagues are limited to 50 people.

Reductions for meeting and events spaces are changing from a maximum of 50 to 10 people for inside spaces, and 100 to 25 outside.

The only change for all other businesses is a limit of 10 people in food courts is being imposed.

On a personal level, no visiting people in homes not your own and don’t allow people into your home. However, conflicting rules limit events and social gatherings to 5 people indoors instead of the 10 in Code Orange, and 25 people outdoors. All other subcategories of gatherings are not included in Code Red as they were before. People are advised not to go out unless it to work, school, for groceries, pharmacies and other healthcare, exercise and physical activity, or helping vulnerable people.

Schools remain open.

These measures are in effect for 28 days, unless the county moves to the next, and highest, level, Grey, with a likely declared state of emergency and tighter stay at home restrictions.


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