Council Preview

By John Swartz

Monday’s 4 p.m. regular council meeting has a deputation from Max Eisen leading the agenda.

Eisen is a survivor of Auschwitz, and the goal of his presentation is to have council adopt the Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition on anti-Semitism. The group says the, “definition sets a strong example and offers a practical tool for authorities – from police and prosecutors, to school principals and campus officials – as they work to tackle anti-Semitism.”

They claim the, “definition clearly exposes how the demonization of Israel is antisemitism, pure and simple.”

The report from last week’s committee meeting has two notable items. Approval was given to go ahead with detail design for a new transit terminal on Colborne Street. The intent is to design 4 levels, which means the outer mass of the proposed building, but not complete the rooftop parking portion. There would still be 4 levels of indoor parking.

The other item is a plan to eliminate weekly garbage pickup at the Grape Island stop. This issue is the residents have their own garbage and recycling bins on their mainland property, which the City picks up just like any other address. Recently several island residents have left the association and are being denied use of the association facility and have to take their own garbage to the landfill. The City’s solution is to take away garbage pickup from all island residents.

Following a deputation from two weeks ago about the Lake Simcoe Protection Act, council has a motion designed to ask the provincial government not to abandoned previous efforts regarding water quality in the lake. The Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Authority views a minister’s report as not-committal toward the provisions of the act and council’s motion sends a message to enforce the act as it is.

The consent agenda has a quarterly report from the Orillia Museum of Art and History. While donations are up by $19,000 from last year, the overall revenue is down almost $77,000.  The expenses are down more substantially by about $200,000 and the net position is a $56,178 deficit, which is $120,000 better than last year.

This council meeting is a video conference and the chamber is closed to the public.  The public can watch it live, on Rogers TV.

(Photos by Swartz – SUNonline/Orillia: Images Supplied)


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