Going Green In October

The City of Orillia has proclaimed October as Sustainable Orillia Month. Activities are a collaboration between Sustainable Orillia and The City of Orillia. During the month, citizens and local businesses will have opportunities to learn eco-friendly, waste-reducing, energy-saving ways to build back better following this time of disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are ways in which we can affect the creation and spread of pandemic disease,” said  Stan Mathewson, president of Sustainable Orillia. “Join us during Sustainable Orillia Month to learn how to reduce the risk to our health and the health of our planet by attending one or more of our webinar series.”

Sustainable Orillia’s on-line presentations will address the following themes:

  • Climate Change in the Time of Pandemic Climate change is the most critical issue facing the world in the 21st century. It is widely acknowledged that we must keep global warming to under 2˚C and if possible, under 1.5˚C above pre-industrial levels. But how can we do this while dealing with the other great challenges of our age: pandemics, poverty, security, population growth and environmental degradation?
  • All You Want to Know About Electric Vehicles Owning an EV is cost effective, fun, and environmentally superior to gas and diesel vehicles. There is a wide selection to choose from. This webinar is aimed at the non-EV owner and will cover electric vehicle basics and EV car reviews of all makes and models available in Canada today.
  • How Energy Storage Can Help Municipalities Achieve Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets A presentation by Storage Power Solutions Inc. will address managing costs and will include a case study.
  • Orillia – Green Energy Doors Open – an initiative of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, representing the entire sustainable energy sector.
  • Understanding the Circular Economy Learn the meaning and implications of this movement which is gathering momentum at a global level. The Government of the Netherlands recently stated that achievement of Paris Accord is not possible without adoption of circular economy.  Orillia can be ahead of the curve.
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Commercial Building Owners Reduce HVAC Energy Use. Learn how to manage energy costs from HVAC systems, manage vacant buildings, and limit transmission of airborne viruses.
  • Going Green, But You Can’t Install Your Own Solar Panels Do your bit for climate change and energy security (a presentation from Bullfrog Power).
  • Climate Change & Insurance Climate change is impacting the insurance sector dramatically.  Record weather events are now more common. How much longer will we be able to get insurance? What will be and will not be insurable and at what cost? What can each of us do to mitigate some of the effects weather is having on our properties?
  • Green Chip Investing Align your investment portfolio with your values. Support sustainable capitalism. How clean portfolios have outperformed the TSX in the past few years.
  • Smart About Salts Learn about one of the biggest threats to Ontario’s lakes and rivers from road salt. Some creeks in Ontario’s urban centers are measuring chloride levels closer to those of the ocean. According to our water treatment plant reports, the sodium concentration in Lake Couchiching is very high. Road salt is a necessary evil, effective in de-icing roads, sidewalks, and parking lots, and in improving safety at certain temperatures. But in Ontario, it’s common to use much more than necessary, creating toxic runoff.

These webinars are available at no cost, and will be available after the initial presentations via the Sustainable Orillia website. Information on this webinar series and a schedule with registration details are available here.


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