Stanton Retiring

The following press release was issued this morning:

Bruce Stanton will not be running in the next federal election

As we mark the one-year anniversary of the effective start of the last federal election in 2019, and with the realization that minority parliaments last, on average, less than two years, Bruce Stanton, M.P. for Simcoe North and Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, today, declared that he will not be seeking another term.

Mr. Stanton will continue to serve as MP and in his parliamentary duties for the remaining term.

In a minority parliament, no one can predict when the next election will be. When the election does come, the party and local riding association need to be prepared. His announcement will allow the party to begin the process of choosing a new candidate to represent the Conservative Party of Canada in Simcoe North in the next election.

Mr. Stanton stated, “It is an honour and privilege to serve the people of this riding. The people here; business leaders, community and charitable organization members and volunteers, and the thousands of people with whom I have had the chance to meet and serve, are a constant source of inspiration and have been the motivation for my attentions as a public servant since 2006.” He added, “I won’t be going away. Heather and I and our family will continue to be active in the community that’s been our family’s home for generations.”

(Photo by Swartz – SUNonline/Orillia) Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton at the 2018 Scottish Festival.


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