OMAH Fundraiser

By John Swartz

The Orillia Museum of Art and History has a fundraiser starting today. But the museum is closed – you say. While it may be the case, this fundraiser is happening online.

They are calling it QuarARTine and are borrowing an aspect of their Christmas fundraiser called Drawliday Festival.  That was a schmoozer and ticket holders went home with a 6×6 inch work of art; the catch was you didn’t know which artist’s work you were going to get.

With QuarARTine it’s still a 6×6 piece. You get to see the pieces in each bidding block, but you won’t know who the artist is until you are declared the winner. You need to go to their website and register in order to bid. Twenty new pieces will be posted every 20 Days.

Bidding on each piece starts at $15, but you can choose a buy now option for $30. You can make arrangements to pick it up, or they’ll ship it to you for $3, and if you need a small display easel they have those too for $3. They will contact winning bidders to make arrangements for delivery and the extras if needed.

OMAH executive director Ninette Gyrody indicated there is no end date for the fundraiser, but when they do wrap it up proceeds will be split with the art community.

OMAH is partnering with Home Hardware and collaborating with Phil Jackman and Steph Dunn.

(Images Supplied)


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