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By Mike Douglas & Anna Bourgeois – Special to SUNonline/Orillia

UPDATED with link to printable graphics

The Agriculture and Natural Capital Sector group of Sustainable Orillia has adopted the task of creating the updated Orillia Food Map & Directory 2020. 

Why do this? Because the world’s national and state level sustainability plans are currently insufficient and inconsistent and this is a collective problem demanding collective solutions, local initiatives are necessary. With the Mayor’s encouragement, many concerned individuals and groups within our community have consolidated their efforts, working to develop the concepts, strategies and plans for a “made in Orillia” grass roots movement under the banner of Sustainable Orillia. Sustainable Orillia is our local response to mitigating adverse changes to our community.

Sustainable Orillia is focused on enabling changes we can all make for the better. Other subgroups are working on several areas including transportation, reducing plastic use, helping businesses reduce waste and of course food security. Small individual changes add up, and relying on locally produced food helps a number of things – and you might end up healthier for it.

The Orillia Food Map & Directory 2020

The digital version of the Orillia Food Map & Directory 2020 allows for increased awareness and connectivity between consumers and available food sources, thus enabling and supporting Sustainable Orillia goals. The electronic version of the map can be readily shared via email and printed on a standard printer for convenient, as needed distribution. As versions of the map and directory evolve and the configuration requires alteration over time, there will be opportunities to include further details and updates. 

The Sustainable Orillia Board also recognizes positive aspects of a separate map and directory dealing with the existing opportunities to source food from rural areas surrounding the Orillia city limits, including valuable farm gate sales. This is an area of food sourcing which hasn’t been adequately promoted to the extent that it could, thus a Farm to Table food map and directory is in the process of being created.

The consideration of a separate food source map would go a long way towards addressing important rural, direct food, sourcing and farm gate sales, which involve unique seasonal and specialty considerations requiring additional directory space to accommodate their individualistic identification. Based on rapidly evolving food security concerns and already existing nutritional food awareness, this food source sector is undoubtedly becoming a more substantial part of municipal food security.

You can get more information by email.  Stay healthy and happy social distancing.


Link to printable foodmap
Link to printable food directory

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