What Democracy?

By John Swartz

Lakehead University and Third Age Learning have their next series of lectures and it couldn’t be timelier. It’s called Is Democracy Dying.

If you think its fine, you haven’t been paying attention.  Wait, we’re in Canada, things area cool, aren’t they? To say there are some trying to undermine our democracy is not overstatement. Fortunately we are not as far advanced in the stripping away of rights and ability to engage in democratic action as many other places in the world, or on this continent, but there are those working hard at it.

Five weekly presentations at St. Paul’s Centre starting Sept. 18 from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. feature a number of speakers asking and answering questions like Why do Democracies Fail? Can We Make Good Political Decisions? Imagining a New Democracy? along with lectures entitled The Struggle for Canadian Democracy and The Alt-Right’s Threat to Democracy are scheduled.

Lecturers are Dr. Valerie Hebert (Lakehead), Dr. David Moscrop (University of Ottawa), Dr. Dennis Pilon (York) Dr. Tanner Mirrlees (Ontario Tech University) and Dave Meslin – famous for his Youtube videos on politics.

You must register ($59) to attend.

Pilon, Messlin, Hebert, Moscrop, Mirrlees

(Photo by Heather Mount/Unsplash, Supplied)


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