Countrycon Strikes Again

By John Swartz

The 3rd annual Cottage Countrycon happened Sunday at the Mariposa Inn. Toy, model, sword, and of course comic book dealers were there to feed the mass of people, many in costume, attending the event.

Interestingly, SUNonline/Orillia stumbled upon the same two kids, Mozaik and Jasper Petryezka, of Toronto, whose photo, taken last year, was used early in the week for the Arts/Entertainment/Culture column. They still wore Transformers costumes, but different ones.

“So many people were asking us how to make them,” said dad, Mark Petryzka. “We have an instructional video, step by step, for anybody who wants to make it themselves. We didn’t want to make the same character the second time, so we made the evil version instead,”

Mozaik in a Nemesis costume and Jasper in a yellow Bumblebee costume had a bit of dueling fun off in a corner with their friend CJ Osorno.

Here’s is a gallery of convention.

2019 Cottage Countrycon Finest Plastic

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(Photos by Swartz – SUNonline/Orillia)


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