Lions Roar

By John Swartz

The Orillia Lions Club donated $10,000 to the Mariposa House Hospice at their meeting on Monday. The donation is not a result of a specific campaign by club members, but is possible because of  a number of ongoing club activities.

“We raise our money different ways, we have the Funfest every year, we have the golf tournaments, we have bingos, we have a number of fundraisers throughout the year,” said club member Jamie Mask.

“Once we build up our balance little bit we try to target something for a major donation.”

Mask said the choice is decided upon by Lions Club membership and Hospice was chosen because their fundraising committee is, “a lot of dedicated people who saw a need and went after it.”

In recent past the club donated $10,000 to Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital and is finalizing another $10,000 donation to another local group.

“One hundred percent of money raised goes to back to community,” said Mask. The club finances their own administrative costs from membership dues. He said they plan to be more active this year.

“We’re trying to up the game on our service stuff we do and we are also trying to up the game on the amount of money we raise,” said Mask. Club members also donate their sweat to others, such as providing a BBQ for participants of a diabetes fundraiser, and they have a spring roadside clean up planned. They also finance bursaries for Orillia area sight impaired students.

Lions Clubs in Canada also support children’s activities for those who are blind, on dialysis, or have diabetes. They also support Dog Guides Canada.

(Photo Submitted)  Orillia Lions Club members Bill Belfour, Mark Rolland, John Rooney, Denise Naughton, Jamie Mask, Jane Sorenson (Mariposa House Hospice), Al Smale, Wendy Taylor, Phil Trilsbeck, Ian Sinclair.


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