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Welcome to the SUNonline/Orillia. This is a brand-new way for people living in Orillia, Rama, and the surrounding townships to find out what is happening in their own communities. Here you’ll find information important to you and of news and events that affect your life.

We are assembling a team of correspondents who have a great deal of interest, like you do, in things that matter, whether it’s decisions made at City Hall, by local boards, committees, agencies and groups, or other things that affect you.

When creating stories we will strive to be fair and balanced (not the Fox news kind). We’ll tell you what happened, who was involved, and other pertinent details. We’ll also examine the why and the how and what action you might take.  

That does not mean there are two sides to every story. Sometimes the other side is demonstrably wrong (e.g. flat earthers really don’t have a place in a story about someone circumnavigating the globe) and we don’t believe good journalism should present bad information.

Editorially, do expect us to take a position and have a point of view with opinion pieces. You can also expect our correspondents have done their homework and can back up positions and conclusions they may make.

Everything begins with good writing. That goes for videos and podcasts you will find here at SUNonline/Orillia. We want you to enjoy stories you will find here regardless of what format they come in. We promise not to bore you – even with boring subjects like municipal finance.

Flashing lights can hypnotize, so we won’t be chasing them in order to tell you about every accident or fire that really has no great bearing on your life or the health of the community. So, a higher water bill may make some of you angry and others just won’t care, but a well researched and engaging story about why your water bill is changing may make you think differently. Information is knowledge and power, and can bring peace of mind.

SUNonline/Orillia is free to read or view. There will be no pay walls, mandatory subscriptions, or limitations on this website. We will function through subscriptions, sponsorships and donations, but we won’t hound you for it. We believe you will see the value of independent journalism and support us accordingly.

On sponsorships; companies and institutions which sponsor SUNonline/Orillia do so because they also see the value of independent journalism and an informed community – they do not buy editorial influence or control. This isn’t going to be a ‘good news’ website all the time, and everybody should understand that.

We maintain a presence on Facebook where you can comment on and discuss stories appearing here. The comment link at the bottom of each story will take you there. We are not forum administrators, you can hold any opinion you want, so long as everyone is civil. We will deal with those people who can’t play nice. Other than that, go nuts.

We know you’re going to enjoy what you find at SUNonline/Orillia and you will find the information very useful. Please feel free to tell your friends, relatives and enemies where you are getting your talking points, and share our links like you are giving out candies to a gang of five year olds.

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John Swartz

Publisher And Editor