Gordon Lightfoot Recovering From Injury

By John Swartz

Gordon Lightfoot has cancelled a number of concerts on his July, 12-date, itinerary because of a painful leg injury.  Anne Leibold, who manages Lightfoot’s office, Early Morning Productions, told SUNonline/Orillia he tripped over a bench.

“He’s going to make a quick recovery and be ready for the next dates. He’s got nothing broken, but (its) just very painful,” Leibold said.

Lightfoot is resting at home and expects to be ready to resume his concert schedule with a 10 day American Midwest tour n September.

“It’s a matter of weeks, not months,” she said, before Lightfoot is on his feet again.

Shows in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Getttysburg, Martha’s Vineyard and Annapolis (Md.) were among those cancelled. Leibold said they are working to reschedule the cancelled concerts.

“We will make up all of the dates.”

Lightfoot made one of his surprise visits to the Mariposa Folk Festival in early July, singing only If You Could Read My Mind to the overwhelming approval of the audience. While he did sit to perform, it was merely because he forgot to bring a guitar strap and not related to his injury.

(Photo by Swartz – SUNonline/Orillia) Gordon Lightfoot at the 2019 Mariposa Folk Festival.


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